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Legal services

We provide legal advice and representation in the following areas:

Family Law

  • Property settlements

  • Children / Parenting

  • Spousal maintenance

  • Recovery orders - children

  • Child support agreements

  • Return of property

  • Ouster / sole occupation orders


Protection/restraining orders (ADVO; IVO; DVO)

  • Advice and support for you in getting a Police protection order / reporting breaches

  • Help if your ex has taken out a protection order against you / you've been charged with criminal DV offences

Sue your ex for damages

  • Property damage

  • Personal injury – physical and psychological

  • Other civil offences such as trespass, breach of privacy, deprivation of liberty.

Legal action for defamation and breach of privacy

  • Defamation (e.g. from defamatory social media posts)

  • Revenge porn / distributing intimate images of you

  • Surveillance and spying on you (including cyber stalking)

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