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My Legal and Money Plan

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Helps you make a plan to deal with all your legal issues: e.g. safety, property, parenting/kids, debt issues, tenancy law, damage to your property, Centrelink, victims' compensation, visa issues, wills.

Cost $250 (Incl. GST)

Legal Clinic

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Talk to a lawyer about your legal questions.

We help with all areas of law relating to domestic abuse (family law, tenancy law, social security, child protection, migration and visas etc) and any other issues you may have (employment, consumer, debt).


Cost $200 (Incl. GST)

Legal Services

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Help with:

  • parenting/kids

  • property

  • protection orders

  • debt issues

  • tenancy law

  • defamation & invasion of privacy

  • compensation

  • civil actions for damages

  • visa and migration issues

  • Centrelink

Find out more

Book a 20 minute free chat with a lawyer to see if we can help you.

Our Mission
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